The DHEA hops dry gin project was born in Olbia, from Alessandro Ruda’s passion for gins and homebrewing, and especially from the ambitious idea of combining them into a single product. This dream became a reality thanks to the essential collaboration with Emilio Rocchino, technician and spirits specialist with decades of experience in the distillery field.

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The DHEA hops dry gin project

Dhea is a distilled gin that combines Sardinian botanicals of juniper, “pompìa” – a rare citrus fruit endemic in Siniscola and the region of Baronia – with the particularity of New Zealand hops.
The secret of Dhea resides within its name, a brassic acronym meaning Dry Hopping in Estrazione Alcolica (Dry Hopping in Alcoholic Extraction). A unique blend obtained from the distillation of juniper berries, combined with the fragrance of citrus fruits, which give notes of freshness, all enhanced by New Zealand hops used in alcoholic extraction – and not in boiling – infusing the product with the aromas of the essential oils contained within, characterising it with herbal notes. The elegant hop aroma, reminiscent of traditional IPAs (India Pale Ale), lulls the drink straight and is enhanced in mixing, delivering a pleasantly dry finish.
The label, hand-drawn by a young artist from Olbia, is inspired by an enchanting shot by Andrea Ganu, which captures in its majesty a fascinating and solitary juniper tree of the Supramonte of Oliena, renamed ‘La Signora del Monte Corrasi’ (The Lady of Mount Corrasi), to whom wind and time have lent distinctly feminine features. In our label, the force of the ‘Lady’, symbol of boldness and eternity, is associated with the hops in her hair, as if an ancient divinity inebriated by the breath of the island of Sardinia.



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